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Understanding Employee Brand Experience

Learn about the principles of employee experience design and how to create a positive employee journey.

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Employee Experience (EX) comprises everything that an employee learns, does, sees, and feels during their journey with your organization. EX design employs tools and techniques typical to customer experience management and service design such as employee experience journey mapping and touchpoint analysis.

Principles of EX design

Now that you have a clear understanding of what employee experience design is, let us look at the three fundamental principles governing EX design.

1. Understand

Employee experience design begins when organizations understand experiences from an employee perspective. These perceptions are founded on the basis of employee emotion, effort and success and play a crucial role in shaping their behaviors. Hence, any framework for building an EX design should delve into the fine details of how an employee goes through an experience right from the point of a job application.

2. Acknowledge

As vital as it is to understand an employee’s perception of experience, it is equally important to realize that these perceptions are unique. These unique experiences call for personalized designs which take into account the pre-requisites of each employee to achieve a positive experience. Acknowledging each employee’s expectations and perceptions is, therefore, a fundamental principle revolving around EX design.

3. Focus

Earlier, we saw how employee experience journey mapping can be vital for creating EX designs. Analyzing an employee’s expectations and actions along this journey rather than focusing on their touchpoints alone can prove useful for EX professionals. This approach calls for a shift of focus from just completing an evaluation process to providing an opportunity for growth and development.

Rethinking centricity

Nurturing an engaged and empowered set of employees requires an intentional approach to how an organization designs its employee experience. Exceptional EX is a blend of superior HR functions and management, positive work environments, and fine engagement. Efficiently crafting an EX design brings forth the need for organizations to adopt a customer-employee-centric approach.

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