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Typeform vs Formstack: Which Online Form Builder is Best for You?

An in-depth comparison of Typeform and Formstack to help you choose the right online form builder for your data collection needs. Discover their key features, pricing, and more.

Dheeraj Kumar

When it comes to collecting data and feedback online, the tools you choose can make a significant difference in the quality and type of insights you gather. Two popular online form builders, Typeform and Formstack, offer unique features and capabilities. But which one is right for your needs? Let's dive into a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Typeform and Formstack

Typeform is renowned for its visually appealing forms and intuitive interface, making it a favorite for creating engaging surveys and forms. On the other hand, Formstack stands out with its advanced logic and branching capabilities, catering to users who require complex form structures.

An Eight-Point Comparison

We've broken down the comparison into eight key areas: Form Features and Customization, Ease of Use, Templates, Analytics and Reporting, Integration, Offline Forms, Security, and Pricing.

1. Form Features and Customization

Typeform offers unique features like videoask and conversational format, enhancing user engagement. Formstack, however, provides efficient setup and centralized control, making it easier to manage complex forms.

2. Ease of Use

Both platforms boast intuitive interfaces, but Typeform's design is more visually appealing, while formstack offers a more traditional, yet robust, functionality.

3. Templates

Typeform and Formstack offer a wide range of templates, making it easy to start with form creation. However, Typeform's templates are more design-focused, whereas Formstack provides a variety of versatile templates for different needs.

4. Analytics and Reporting

Formstack takes the lead in analytics and reporting, offering more advanced features compared to Typeform's basic analytics capabilities.

5. Integrations

Both platforms offer a range of integrations with other software solutions, enhancing their functionality and usability across different workflows.

6. Offline Forms

Formstack provides an offline form solution, allowing data collection in areas without internet access, a feature currently not available in Typeform.

7. Security

Both platforms adhere to international security standards, ensuring user data is protected and secure.

8. Pricing

While both platforms offer various pricing plans, Typeform's entry-level plan starts at a lower price point compared to Formstack, making it more accessible for small businesses and individuals.


Choosing between typeform and Formstack depends on your specific needs. If engaging design and user experience are your priorities, Typeform might be the way to go. However, if you need advanced form logic and analytics, Formstack could be more suitable. Regardless of your choice, both platforms offer robust features to enhance your data collection efforts.

For those looking for an alternative, Probz.ai emerges as a powerful contender. As an AI-powered qualitative and quantitative insights collection platform, Probz.ai provides access to over 100Mn Indian users, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to gather deep insights and consumer trends efficiently.

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