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The Rising Popularity of Korean Spicy Ramen in India - A New Food Trend

Explore how Korean spicy ramen is becoming a favorite in India, outpacing traditional instant noodles, and how companies are responding to this trend.

Dheeraj Kumar

Following the trend of South Korean dramas, beauty products, cars, and electronics, Korean noodles are now making a significant impact in the Indian market. What began as a pandemic trend has now solidified into a lasting preference among Indian consumers. Recognizing this shift, major Indian FMCG companies are diversifying their instant noodle offerings to include Korean-style noodles, often referred to as K-noodles.

In a notable move, Nestle India introduced Maggi Korean noodles in BBQ chicken and BBQ veg flavors in November 2023. Similarly, hindustan unilever expanded its Knorr brand with a Korean meal pot, and Nissin, known for Top Ramen, launched its Gekki K-noodles three years prior.

Consumer intelligence from NielsenIQ highlights a dramatic market growth for Korean noodles, from Rs 2 crore in 2021 to over Rs 65 crore in 2023. This segment has seen a fourfold increase in value compared to the previous year, outpacing the growth of the overall instant noodles market.

The surge in popularity is attributed to the influence of K-Pop and K-Dramas, which have introduced Korean culture and food to a wide Indian audience. Cities like Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad are leading this demand. The introduction of Korean and Asian products has seen a 400% sales increase on the quick-commerce platform Zepto in the six months leading up to May 2023.

Conclusion: The fascination with Korean culture, fueled by the global reach of K-Pop and K-Dramas, has significantly influenced Indian food preferences, particularly in the realm of instant noodles. As this trend continues to grow, it presents a lucrative opportunity for FMCG companies to expand and innovate within this niche. In the context of market research and consumer insights, platforms like Probz.ai can offer valuable data-driven insights to companies looking to tap into these emerging trends. Probz.ai leverages AI to provide both qualitative and quantitative insights, helping brands understand and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

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