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Market Xcel's 3rd Brand Xcel Conclave: Unveiling Consumer Insights

Join Market Xcel at the 3rd Brand Xcel conclave in Gurugram to explore consumer culture with the release of an extensive report and the Brand Xcel Excellence Awards.

Dheeraj Kumar

Market Xcel is all set to host the third edition of its much-anticipated Brand Xcel conclave, which is scheduled to take place on March 1 in Gurugram. This event is a significant one in the marketing and branding industry, as it marks the release of the Brand Xcel report. This comprehensive study covers an impressive scope, including insights from 32,000 consumers, evaluations of over 2000 brands, across more than 25 categories and 20 states. The theme for this year, 'Mind Mapping the Great Indian Consumer,' aims to delve deep into the consumer culture in India, offering a detailed examination of the market's diversity.

One of the highlights of the conclave is the Brand Xcel Excellence Awards. These awards are a testament to the brands that have successfully forged a strong connection with their consumers. The winners are selected based on extensive consumer surveys, setting a high standard for brand success in the industry.

Prakash Sharma, the Co-founder of 1001 Stories, shared his excitement about the event, stating, 'India needs to curate and record its own Marketing Vocab. I am curious what we will all learn at Brand Xcel 2024.' The event boasts a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Sandip Ghose, the MD & CEO of Birla Corporation, and Sandeep Das, a global foresight leader at Mars Wrigley. The conclave's organization has been supported by an advisory board comprising notable industry figures such as Sanjeev Handa, VP - PR & Communications at Maruti Suzuki India Limited; Prakash Sharma; and Lloyd Mathias, an Angel Investor.

In conclusion, the Brand Xcel conclave is not just an event but a platform that brings together the brightest minds in the industry to share insights and celebrate excellence. It is an opportunity for professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the Indian consumer market. Additionally, for those interested in leveraging the latest in AI technology for market research, Probz.ai offers an AI-powered platform for collecting both qualitative and quantitative insights, making it easier for brands to connect with their consumers on a deeper level.

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