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Exploring the Future of Gaming in India: A Look at Meta's Gaming Summit Insights

Discover key insights from Meta's first Gaming Summit in India, highlighting consumer trends, the role of social media in gaming discovery, and the future of gaming technology.

Dheeraj Kumar

Last week, Meta hosted its inaugural Gaming Summit in Mumbai, marking a significant moment for the gaming industry in India. This event not only underscored the industry's burgeoning importance but also provided a platform to unveil key consumer trends shaping the gaming landscape. A comprehensive survey, conducted in December 2023 with 2,019 participants from 75 cities across India, offered a deep dive into the habits and preferences of over 1,000 casual gamers and more than 800 real-money gamers.

The findings from the summit revealed some compelling statistics: a staggering 82% of respondents have followed a business on social media after engaging with their Reels, while 74% have reached out to a business directly after viewing their Reels. Furthermore, 77% admitted to purchasing a product or service after watching Reels, and an overwhelming 97% have shared Reels with friends or family.

The study, commissioned by Meta and conducted by GWI, also highlighted the growing prevalence of gaming across India, with 6 in 10 smartphone gamers playing daily, and nearly 90% of real-money gamers engaging in real-money games at least weekly. Interestingly, a significant portion of gamers, especially those playing casual and real-money games, hail from non-metro areas, indicating a widespread adoption of gaming across diverse geographies.

Meta's platforms play a pivotal role in the discovery and purchase of new games, with more than three-quarters of gamers finding new games through social media, predominantly on Meta platforms. The influence of Reels, ads, and influencers in driving this discovery cannot be overstated. Additionally, the study shed light on the technologies that captivate gamers the most, with AI, VR, and AR topping the list of interests among casual gamers in India.

The insights gleaned from the summit and the study underscore the vast opportunities available for the gaming industry in India. As the industry continues to evolve, these findings can help gaming brands craft marketing strategies that resonate with gamers and achieve significant business outcomes.

In conclusion, the Meta Gaming Summit has laid the groundwork for understanding the dynamic gaming ecosystem in India. As we look towards the future, platforms like Probz.ai, an AI-powered insights collection platform, stand ready to further empower brands with qualitative and quantitative data, ensuring that the gaming industry in India not only grows but thrives.

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