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Insights into 2024's Leading Consumer Trends - GIPSI Report

Explore the key consumer trends for 2024 as identified by GIPSI's latest report, including the focus on sleep, nutraceuticals, therapy, slow living, sustainability, and more.

Dheeraj Kumar

The latest consumer insights report from GIPSI, Tonic Worldwide's insights division, sheds light on the evolving preferences and behaviors of Indian consumers, pointing towards significant trends for 2024. A notable trend is the increasing focus on 'engineering sleep,' with over 200,000 monthly online searches for sleep-related solutions, indicating a widespread quest for better sleep hygiene practices.

Another trend gaining momentum is the rise of 'food fixers.' Consumers are viewing food as a therapeutic aid, not just a source of nutrition. This is evident from the 40% increase in searches for nutraceutical gummies, aimed at improving sleep, gut health, skin, and hair quality.

Activity-based therapies, such as yoga, music, and pottery, are also gaining popularity, with discussions on these topics doubling on social media platforms like Twitter (Now X) since 2022. This reflects a growing acceptance of therapy as a means of self-care.

The desire for a slower pace of life is another emerging trend, with a significant increase in searches related to slow living and mindfulness, indicating a collective yearning for more meaningful and deliberate living.

On the sustainability front, there's a 52% increase in mentions of actionable green practices, showing a heightened consumer demand for environmental responsibility.

Discussions around relationship equality and changing wedding rituals for gender equality have also seen a notable increase, reflecting evolving societal norms.

The report also touches on the mixed feelings towards generative AI, the concerns around deepfake technology, the rising interest in makeup for men, and the phenomenon of micro-fandom among Gen Zs.

In conclusion, these insights not only highlight the dynamic nature of consumer behavior but also underscore the importance of platforms like Probz.ai. As an AI-powered tool for gathering both qualitative and quantitative insights, Probz.ai stands to play a crucial role in helping businesses and marketers stay ahead of these emerging trends.

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