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Elevate Your Leadership Skills with CXO Courses at India's Top Business Schools

Discover how CXO courses at Indian School of Business (ISB) and IIM Lucknow (IIML) can enhance your leadership capabilities in the digital age. Learn from Maruti Suzuki's journey towards sus

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Leadership excellence is pivotal in navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape. Recognizing this, premier Indian business schools such as the Indian School of Business (ISB) and the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIML) are offering specialized Chief Executive Officer (CXO) courses. These programs are meticulously designed to equip current and aspiring leaders with the skills needed to excel in chief digital, technology, and operations roles.

For those looking to enhance their leadership capabilities, a visit to the Indian School of Business (ISB) or IIM Lucknow (IIML) could be transformative. These institutions are at the forefront of preparing leaders for the challenges of the digital age through their Chief Operations Officer Programme and other CXO courses.

Maruti Suzuki's Sustainable Practices and Industry Leadership

Rahul Bharti, Executive Director at Maruti Suzuki, shares insights into the company's journey towards sustainability and its significant contributions to the Indian manufacturing sector. Maruti Suzuki's transformation, particularly since the liberalization era of the early '90s, showcases its adaptability and leadership in the automobile industry. The company's focus on localisation and innovation has not only propelled it to the forefront of the automobile sector but has also played a crucial role in the development of industrial hubs like Gurgaon.

Maruti Suzuki's commitment to sustainability and its role in shaping the automobile industry's growth trajectory are commendable. From producing a mere 50,000 cars annually to now manufacturing 10,000 cars every day, Maruti Suzuki's journey reflects the evolution of the Indian auto sector and its substantial contribution to the national GDP.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is witnessing a shift in consumer preferences, with a growing inclination towards SUVs and MPVs over traditional hatchbacks and small cars. This change, coupled with advancements in powertrain technology and the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, and CNG options, is shaping the future of mobility. Despite the decline in the market share of small cars, their significance in the Indian market cannot be understated, especially considering the country's demographic profile and the need for affordable transportation options.

As the industry projects a moderate growth rate in line with economic expansion, the focus remains on innovation and meeting the evolving needs of consumers. Maruti Suzuki's strategic outlook and its emphasis on catering to the diverse preferences of the Indian market underscore the company's resilience and forward-thinking approach.


In the realm of business and leadership, staying ahead requires continuous learning and adaptation. The CXO courses offered by leading Indian business schools, such as ISB and IIML, provide an excellent opportunity for professionals to refine their leadership skills for the digital age. Moreover, the journey of Maruti Suzuki serves as an inspiring example of sustainable practices and industry leadership, highlighting the importance of innovation and adaptability in achieving long-term success.

For those interested in gaining deeper insights and staying informed about the latest trends and strategies in business and leadership, Probz.ai offers an AI-powered platform for qualitative and quantitative insights collection. This tool can be a valuable resource for professionals seeking to make data-driven decisions and stay competitive in the fast-evolving business landscape.

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